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  • ESW Passenger Elevator Machine Roomless

    ESW Passenger Elevator Machine Roomless

    Saving shaft space and energy, and providing cutting-edge product quality and service, which is more compatible with architectural structure design.

  • G·Wiz Intelligent Passenger Elevator

    G·Wiz Intelligent Passenger Elevator

    The innovative smart elevator emerges in response to the era of intelligent innovation. The new generation of G·Wiz elevator integrates the wisdom, reconstructs the product core on the basis of intelligent technology, fully embodies the principle of safety, interaction, linkage and passenger flow with broader vision, and achieves people-oriented science and technology for building a smart life.

  • G·Wiz MRL Machine Roomless Elevator

    G·Wiz MRL Machine Roomless Elevator

    New type of elevator G•Wiz-MRL without machine room made by Guangri Elevator, with its unique roomless design to save the architectural space effectively, runs stably and quietly, making you enjoy the unique charm of simple style of architecture.

  • GRF Escalator & GRR Moving walks

    GRF Escalator & GRR Moving walks

    Guangri escalatormeets various customer needs of large passenger flow, durability and reliability, convenient maintenance, energy saving and high efficiency, intelligent management, etc.

  • GreenMax-H & G·Wiz-H Home elevator

    GreenMax-H & G·Wiz-H Home elevator

    Elegant living quality comes from your pursuit of perfection from your heart. Guangri home elevator, whether in terms of quality or decoration, is dedicated to creating a permanent, graceful enjoyment in life. Originality is shown from the world’s leading drive technology to the design style with unique aesthetic value; from the honorable and graceful appearance to the luxurious and elegant interior accessories, making it possible to be a benchmark in high-end elevator, thus enabling you to enjoy elegance and gracefulness on your way up and down.

  • GVH II, GVH II- MRL, GVH and G · Fre freight elevator

    GVH II, GVH II- MRL, GVH and G · Fre freight elevator

    Guangri freight elevator is featured with mature technology, safety and stability, high transport efficiency and long service life, which makes it qualified for high-load, high-frequency freightage demands.

  • G·Wiz-B hospital elevator

    G·Wiz-B hospital elevator

    The detail design of Guangri hospital elevator endows the building with a humanistic atmosphere with full of warmth. Clean and safe, suitable for hospital environment.

  • MAX-O Panoramic Elevator

    MAX-O Panoramic Elevator

    MAX-O panoramic elevator of Guangri is dedicated to illuminate the harmony and unity of “human-elevator-environment”. The luxury and fashionable cars of different styles provide multivariant beautification designs for the appearance of the building. Transparent car of 180 ° gives passengers new experiences if omni-directional vision and makes them have a panoramic view of the scenery of the city. The will find themselves in a very different urban landscape.

  • G·Art Elevator With Covered Steel Belt

    G·Art Elevator With Covered Steel Belt

    Guangri Elevator, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Guangri Co., Ltd., is dedicated to R&D and owns 7 patents for inventions and uses Elevator with covered steel belt lifting cars to improve safety and user comfort. Combining intelligent technology and services, leading-edge industrial designs bring vitality to our products. G•Art Elevator with covered steel belt integrates technology and artistry perfectly.

  • GreenMax-E Passenger Elevator with Mini machine room

    GreenMax-E Passenger Elevator with Mini machine room

    Special design for specified projects, including residences, offices, hotels, etc. , and with more than 10 years marketing experience, GreenMax-E updated user-interface and decoration, aiming at creating high quality and economical products with upgraded riding experience.