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G·Wiz Intelligent Passenger Elevator

Short Description:

The innovative smart elevator emerges in response to the era of intelligent innovation. The new generation of G·Wiz elevator integrates the wisdom, reconstructs the product core on the basis of intelligent technology, fully embodies the principle of safety, interaction, linkage and passenger flow with broader vision, and achieves people-oriented science and technology for building a smart life.

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G·Wiz Intelligent Passenger Elevator

Security mode of intelligent building

By adopting the intelligent security technology in an all-around way and relying on the Guangri intelligent cloud platform, the Company breaks through the information barriers between elevator equipment, safety protection, elevator riding process, monitoring and supervision, and comprehensively protect passengers' safety in riding an elevator. 

● Regional elevator monitoring

● Real-time visual communication

● Security mode

● High measurement accuracy

● High protection level

● Low failure probability

● Function integration

● Convenient installation

● Travel-reducing technology


The application of new intelligent media terminal and motion sensing technology has greatly enhanced the interactive experience and brought more diversified and refreshing experiences to the users.

● 10.1-inch multimedia

● Voice service

● Pet mode

● Hand gesture call

● Shimmery button dimly

● Parallel real-time announcement


Provide a flexible and open interface protocol, integrate the elevator into the building network, fully combine multiple terminals, and enable data and information to be exchanged among multiple terminals to enable expansion of personalized intelligent building system.

● Robot linkage

● Authorized elevator embarkation

● Access control linkage

● Visitor function


Based on AI and fuzzy control logic, a new theoretical model is adopted for allocation of passenger flow. The passenger flow is rationally allocated by comprehensively considering various factors, so as to greatly improve the elevator efficiency, and truly achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

● Efficient allocation mechanism

● Multiple traffic modes

● Intelligent self-learning


Car model -- CA745L

Ceiling: CL745L, mirror stainless steel frame, middle photic

plate +decorative strip, tube lights on both sides.

Car wall panels: Mirror stainless steel in the middle of the

rear wall, and hairline stainless steel on the left and right;

Hairline stainless steel of side walls.

Front walls: Hairline stainless steel

Handrail: None

Floor: FL107P, PVC

Cabin door: Hairline stainless steel

Clear height of car: 2500mm


10.1-inch large-screen multimedia with colored LCD display


Business black bright glass panel, stainless steel button coated with black


Reliable system
Emergency treatment
Maintenance services
Elevator safety
Building security
Dedicated service
Display service
Voice service
Comfortable operation
Energy efficiency
Easy to use
Reliable system

● Overspeed protection

● Anti-slip car protection

● Protection for operation in the reverse direction

● Running timeout protection

● Multiple-level protection for frequency converter

● Terminal overtravel protection

● Short-circuit protection of door lock

● Fault detection of power phase

● Detection of power grid abnormality

● Detection of contactor abnormality

● Detection of door circuit

● Detection of brake force

Emergency treatment

● Alarm

● Five-party communication

● Five-way intercom system (Optional)

● Fire emergency return

● Fire signal feedback

● Emergency electrical operation

● Car emergency lighting

● Automatic leveling during outrage (Optional)

● Earthquake sensor (Optional)

● Visualized talkback (optional)

Maintenance services

● Inspection operation

● Fault self-diagnosis and recording

● Self-learning function in terms of magnetic degree

● Automatic correction of floor position signal

● Self-learning of hoistway data

● Running times display

● Elevator check

● Elevator operation recorder (optional)

Elevator safety

● Overload protection

● Light curtain protection

● Both safety edges for door and light curtain protection (Optional)

● Deterrent door protection

● Door locking time abnormal protection

● Door blocking protection

● Door cannot be opened for protection in non-door area

● Stop at the nearest floor when the door opens abnormally

● Elevator self-rescue operation

● Accidental car movement protection

● Safety window on car top (Optional)

Building security

● Take the elevator with IC card (Optional)

● Hall call by password (Optional)

● Hall call by fingerprint (Optional)

● Hall call by QR code (Optional)

● Hall call by bar code (Optional)

● Monitoring in the community (Optional)

● Remote monitoring

● BA interface of elevator (Optional)

● Visitors' hall call confirmation with landlord system (Optional)

● Analog video supervise (Optional)

● Digital video supervise (Optional)

● VIP function (Optional)

Dedicated service

● Parking mode

● Driver service (Optional)

● Dedicated services (Optional)

● Non-stop floor setting (Optional)

● Arbitrary settings of non-service floor (Optional)

● Non-numeric character display settings for floors (Optional)

● Auxiliary control panel (Optional)

● Operating panel for the disabled (Optional)

● Barrier free call box (Optional)

● Double door (Optional)

● Main and assistant LOP operate independently (Optional)

● Traveling audio and video cable (Optional)

● Free network signal cable (Optional)

Display service

● Overload indication

● Inspection instruction

● Fire instruction

● Running direction display

● Buttons illumination energy saving during idle-time

● Button light breathing effect

● Internal call and external flash over (Optional)

Voice service

● Overload alarm

● Passing chime

● Voice announcement (Optional)

● Voice pacifying function (Optional)

● Voice broadcast (Optional)

Comfortable operation

● Starting compensation

● Directly stop

● Inching-leveling

● Silent ventilation

● Air conditioner inside car (Optional)

● Air purification device (Optional)

● Ultraviolet ray disinfection function (Optional)

Energy efficiency

● Manual turn-off of fan and lighting

● Sleep energy saving

● Separate controlling of opening-closing time

● Full collective selective control

● Parallel control (Optional)

● Group control (Optional)

● Target floor group control (Optional)

● Automatic return to base station (Optional)

● Energy feedback (Optional)

Easy to use

● Closing the door ahead of time by pressing the “Close” button

● Opening the door again by pressing the “Open” button

● Full-load non-stop

● Anti-nuisance function (≥7 floor)

● Automatical signal cancellation during returning operation

● Fault call cancellation inside car

● Extended opening time of car door (Optional)

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