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GreenMax-H & G·Wiz-H Home elevator

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Elegant living quality comes from your pursuit of perfection from your heart. Guangri home elevator, whether in terms of quality or decoration, is dedicated to creating a permanent, graceful enjoyment in life. Originality is shown from the world’s leading drive technology to the design style with unique aesthetic value; from the honorable and graceful appearance to the luxurious and elegant interior accessories, making it possible to be a benchmark in high-end elevator, thus enabling you to enjoy elegance and gracefulness on your way up and down.

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GreenMax-H & G·Wiz-H Home Elevator


● Permanent magnet synchronous technology

New type of permanent magnet synchronous traction machine drive technology can improve the operation efficiency and load margin.

● CAN communication technology

The advanced CAN serial communication technology for control system can effectively improve the data transmission capability and greatly enhance the communication reliability.

● IC card exclusive function

IC card for designated floors can be used according to the requirements of the user to avoid

interference and ensure safety.

● Door-opening delay function

Instead of long press of door-opening button, door-opening delay function is easier for goods handling and riding of the young and old.


● Triple rescue

● Redundancy design

● Light curtain system


● Hoistway design

Reduce the space of top floor and pit to improve the utilization rate of hoistway. Various kinds of hoistway layout styles make it easier to adapt to all kinds of space limitations.

● Intelligent voice system

The intelligent voice function of elevator can realize automatic broadcasting of operation information, pacification in case of failure and background music and so on.

● Fashionable appearance

The control cabinet made of coated metal plate is small and thin, and can be embedded into the wall or hung on the wall. The embedded design of thin wall-mountable hall-call box and operation panel with LED display and stainless steel braille button make the elevator beautiful and elegant. Brand new design of car with the professional optical principle and warm and comfortable LED lighting of energy-saving and environment-friendly concept will bring you an unprecedented visual experience. It has many options for car decoration.

● Noiseless design


Car model -- CA731L

Ceiling: CL731L, 304 hairline stainless steel, LED panel light, downlight.

Car wall panels: 304 hairline stainless steel

Front walls: 304 hairline stainless steel

Handrail: HR761, round handrail of hairline stainless steel (right side)

Floor: FL045P, PVC

Cabin door: 304 hairline stainless steel

Clear height of car: 2100mm


4.3 inch LCD display with blue background and white characters


4.3 inch LCD display with blue background and white characters


Basic functions
Optional functions
Basic functions

● Maintenance and running mode

● Full selective control

● Elevator self-rescue operation

● Automatic door opening upon arrival

● Repeated door opening

● Closing the door ahead of time by pressing the “Close” button

● Automatic correction of case of reversal cr call

● History record of trouble

● Humanized hand-held programmer operation

● Self-learning of hoistway data

● Self-learning function in terms of magnetic degree

● Automatic correction of floor position signal

● Safety test of band-type brake switch

● Light beam screen protection

● Safety measures of door lockup outside door area

● Over-load protection

● Protection against reverse travel

● Anti-stalling protection

● Protection against over-travel at terminal

● Anti-sliding protection

● Emergency return in case of fire

● Permanent magnetic synchronous

● Automatic return to base station

● Operation of UPS standby power supply

● One-click remote rescue (Domestic)

● Parking

● Intelligent voice

● Internet of Things (domestic)

● Warning for people trapped in an elevator

● Broken strand detection of steel belt

● Lighting during outrage

● Travel count indication

● Manual turn-off of fan and lighting

Optional functions

● Non-numeric character display settings for floors

● Door opening time delay inside the car

● Touch plate with light curtain

● Double door opening

● IC card control function inside the car

● Car rear wall intermediate mirror stainless steel

● Car door in glass, hall door in glass

● Internet of things (Domestic)

● Air purification

● Delay opening time in car

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