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GVH II, GVH II- MRL, GVH and G · Fre freight elevator

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Guangri freight elevator is featured with mature technology, safety and stability, high transport efficiency and long service life, which makes it qualified for high-load, high-frequency freightage demands.

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GVH II, GVH II- MRL, GVH & G · Fre freight elevator9


Applicable to a variety of building structures, with a wider range of application scenarios.

● GVH Ⅱ machine room synchronous freight elevator

● GVH Ⅱ - MRL machine roomless synchronous freight elevato

● GVH premium freight elevator

● G · Fre classic freight elevato


Independently develop the mature and reliable G series control system and provide flexible AGV interface protocols, integrating elevators into intelligent logistics. 


Stable and reliable, ensuring the safety of loading and unloading goods.

● Light curtain protection

● Door opening extension

● Secure car frame

● Wear resistant sill



Car model -- CA755L

Ceiling: CL721L, LED downlight lighting, large round fan, carbon steel spraying

Cabin enclosure: Carbon steel spraying

Floor: FL091MT

Front walls: Carbon steel spraying

Cabin door: Carbon steel spraying

Cabin clear height:

GVHⅡ & GVHⅡ-MRL: 2200mm

GVH & G·Fre: 2100mm

Six guiderails: 2500mm


Hairline stainless steel panel, white field code display on black background


Hairline stainless steel panel, white field code display on black background


Standard functions
Emergency treatment
Standard functions

● inspection operation

● Fault self diagnosis and record

● Magnetic angle self-learning

● Automatic correction of floor position signa

● Self learning of shaft floor data

● Running times display

● Elevator examination

● Alarm bell

● Five way call

● Fire emergency return

● Fire signal feedback

● Emergency electric operation

● Lift car emergency lighting

● Overspeed protection

● Anti slip protection

● Reverse operation protection

● Running timeout protection

● Multiple protection of frequency converter

● Protection against terminal overtravel

● Short circuit protection against door lock

● Power phase fault detection

● Power grid anomaly detection

● Abnormal detection of contactor

● Door circuit detection

● Band brake force detection

● Overload protection

● Light curtain protection

● Anti forced door opening protection

● Abnormal closing time protection

● Door blocked protection

● No door opening in non door area

● Stop at the nearest floor in case of abnormal door opening

● Elevator self rescue operation

● Car accidental movement protection

● Start compensation

● Direct docking

● Inching leveling

● Overload indication

● Maintenance instructions

● Fire protection instructions

● Running direction display

● Door closing button closes the door in advance

● Door opening button reopens the door

● Full load straight ahead

● Automatic elimination of reverse instructions

● Error command elimination in the car

● Elimination of incorrect instructions outside the hall

● External call button embedded self diagnosis

● Extended door opening time in the car

● Overload alarm

● Fan lighting manual off

● Sleep energy saving

● Separate control of opening time

● Full selection control

● Park mode

Emergency treatment

● Elevator running recorder

● IC card access

● Contactless IC card access

● Hand gesture recognition

● Community monitoring

● Remote monitoring

● Elevator BA interface

● Robot linkage

● Analog video monitoring

● Digital video monitoring

● Wireless five way call

● Automatic leveling after power failure

● Earthquake control

● Remote voice rescue

● Touch plate with light curtain protection

● Safety window

● Elevator air conditioner

● Air purification

● Ultraviolet sterilization

● External call and internal flash

● Parallel real-time prediction

● Voice station announcement

● Open the door in advance

● Parallel control

● group control

● Target floor group control

● Automatic return to base station

● Energy feedback

● Driver service

● Dedicated services

● Non stop

● Non service floor arbitrary settings

● Non numeric character floor display setting

● Auxiliary control panel

● Handicapped control panel

● Barrier free call box

● Double door

● Double door independent control main and auxiliary doors

● Traveling audio and video cable

● Traveling network signal cable

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