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G·Wiz-B hospital elevator

Short Description:

The detail design of Guangri hospital elevator endows the building with a humanistic atmosphere with full of warmth. Clean and safe, suitable for hospital environment.

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Efficient and stable

Highly efficient, stable and safe G12P intelligent control core brings the excellent performance to the running of elevator.

● Double 32-bit microcomputer and integrated control technology will improve the system response speed.

● Advanced communication technology optimizes the system stability and can realize the easy expansion for functions of the elevator.

Efficient and stable

Leading technology of security and environmental protection will ensure the safe and comfortable riding of the passengers all-round.

● Advanced technology of permanent magnet synchronization makes the elevator have serenity and remarkable energy efficiency.

● No weighing compensation start technology will ensure the smooth running of the elevator.

● Safe and reliable braking system insures the safe running of the elevator, and can control the opening and closing time for the brake accurately, making the ride more comfortable.

● Intelligent remote monitoring

Clean and humanistic

Details of the design reveal the humanistic concern, make the building more genial and sweet..

● Improve the space and loading capacity of the car comprehensively; make it easily meet the more challenging transport requirements.

● Positive and negative ion air purifier in the car can sterilize and remove the dust effectively and improve the air quality inside the car. The ultraviolet sterilization device in the car can reduce the iatrogenic infection.

● Clean and beautiful decoration will make the passengers feel cheerful.

● Special filter for the elevator will reduce the electromagnetic disturbance, quarantee more stable power supply.


Ceiling CL727L, LED lighting, painted carbon steel, steel plate

sprayed high-gloss white, milky white light-transmitting

board, downlight

Car wall panel Hairline stainless steel

Front wall Hairline stainless steel

Handrail HR711, three flat handrails

Floor FL020P

Car door Hairline stainless steel

Landing door Main floor-hairline stainless steel,

typical floors-carbon painted steel.

Landing door jamb Main floor-hairline stainless steel small door jamb,

typical floors-carbon painted steel small door jambs.

Car Clear height 2595mm

Car operation panel


Hall calling box



Basic functions
Optional functions
Basic functions

● Trigger point detection protection of safety trigger

● Pushbutton control, pushbutton operation

● Alarm button

● Multiple protection of frequency converter

● Automatic correction of landing floor signal

● Over-speed protection

● Over-load protection

● Magnetic degree self-study function

● Fault-phase protection

● Matrix-type floor indicator

● Automatic rescue traveling

● Automatic cancellation in case of reversal car call

● Anti-stalling protection

● Protection against short circuit of door lock

● Protection against over-travel at terminal

● History record of trouble

● Indication of troubleshooting

● Reopen in case of failure

● Closing button for door-closing in advance

● Light beam screen protection

● Next landing

● Emergency return in case of fire

● To extend the time to open the door in the car

● Collective selective control

● Inspection operation

● Date self-study of shaft floor

● Door-opening button for door opening

● Safety measures of door lockup outside door area

● Scrolling display of floor

● Bypass when full load

● Door overload protect

● Internal communication device/ intercom system

● Protection against reverse travel

● Starting compensation

● Under-phase protection

● Emergency car lighting

● Cancellation of false call

● Power saving at idle hours

● Feedback of fire signals

● Permanent-magnetic synchronous door operator

● Over time protection during running

● Operation counter

● Re-leveling (lifting height>60 meters or lifting height+overhead>70 meters)

● Parking/Out of serice

● Power operated door

● Car handrail

● Three-phase power filtering

● Unintended car movement protection system

● Landing doors and car door bypass device

● Gate loop detection

● Anti-disruptive function (valid for 7 floors and above)

Optional functions

● Safety edges for door

● Duplex control

● Floor lock out operation

● Safety edges and light beam screen

● Arrival service

● Seismic function

● Elevator attendant’s operation

● The IC card reader inside the car

● Independent operation/dedicated service

● Independent accompanying audio and video cable

● Discretional setup modes of service floor

● Multiple setup modes of floor indicating characters

● Auxiliary operation panel

● Energy feedback device

● Group control

● Double door opening

● Double door independent controlling for door opening and closing

● Remote monitor

● Speech synthesis service

● Automatic return to home landing

● Automatic rescue leveling in case of power failure

● Ultraviolet sterilization device

● The IC card reader in lobby

● Car music play

● Night mute identification function

● Air cleaner

● Elevator operation recorder

● Remote monitoring

● IC card (Card type)

● IC card (Button type)

● IC card (Long distance card)

● Analog video supervise

● Take lift by fingerprint iddentification (Inside car)

● Take lift by fingerprint iddentification (At hall)

● Take lift by QR (Inside car)

● Take lift by QR (At hall)

● Take lift by QR+IC card (Inside car)

● Take lift by QR+IC card (At hall)

● Operating panel for the disabled

● Mirror stainless steel in the middle of the rear wall

● Barrier free call box

● Voice prompt

● VIP dedicated elevator control

● Remote identification function

● Elevator password control

● Safety edges and light beam screen

● Fault intelligent appeasing

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