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An Old Elevator with 38 Years of History

In the early 1980s, Guangzhou Guangbai Building was completed on Haizhu South Road in the prosperous Yuexiu District, integrating accommodation and office work. It was one of the few elevator buildings at that time.

A "Guangri" elevator has been running here for 38 years. For decades, carrying the happiness and enjoyment of the residents, it has also become one of the senior "figures" here.

A new day begins. The big iron door in front of the elevator slowly opened, saying, "good morning!" , which opened the day for ordinary people, and the old elevator also began to quietly fulfill its extraordinary mission. 

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This old elevator adopts the most classic and best design at that time:

Floor light: The old floor light is installed directly above the door lintel to display the elevator floor in a simple and straightforward way.

Operation panel and hall-call box: It is made of advanced aluminum alloy which is beautiful and corrosion resistant in the 1980s. It is durable and remains bright and clean after decades of use. 

Equipped with overseas advanced technology introduced in 1983, the elevator has been running stably and reliably for 38 years, thanks to the original accessory and maintenance.

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Floor selector: the previous elevators used pure relay logic control, reactance coordination control, followed the operation of the elevator, and simulated the actual location of the elevator.

Old elevator host: the upper worm and worm AC double speed host is used, which is a classic and early "Big Mac" style, stable and durable.

Even after nearly 40 years of use, the elevator still runs steadily between buildings, The pace of time left a mark of time here, and the old elevator still carries the memories of generations.

With the vicissitudes of time, Guangzhou is changing rapidly. Guangri Elevator relies on the beauty and emotion of the city, and silently sticks to it.

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Post time: Nov-07-2022